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Christina nelson


What are the best sunglasses for fat guys?

I am fat though i hate the fact. But i want to look cool. So, i plan to buy a pair of sunglasses. Do you have any idea? What type of sunglasses can help me to be cool?
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  • elizabeth_starz


    It is preferable for a fat man with round face to choose rectangular-shaped sunglasses to attain an angular appearance. Sunglasses with geometric lines and angles will balance the curve of face shape. Horizontal lines will extend the length of round or fat face, which makes you look thinner. The high temples attached at the top of the frame can also give you a slimmer appearance. Fatheadz sunglasses may be what you want, here is a relevant website: I hope you can find your desirable sunglasses.
  • Caitlin


    Sunglasses is the good one among accessories. Different frames of sunglsses should suit for different face shapes. For the fat guys, you want to wear sunglasses to look cool, the first thing that you must lose your weight. That will take a long time. In this condition, you still choose the right sunglasses for youselves. Frames should make the face appear longer and thinner. Sunglasses with brow bars also pull the eye upward, making the face appear longer. Maybe, you will look thinner and cool with this sunglasses. You could find the suitable sunglasses at online store, such as Amazon, eBay, alibaba and so on. Hope the information will be helpful for you.


    I can see that your figure is a little bit larger than other people, and so is your face, I mean, a big face really needs a pair of large sunglasses, just like the fat guy in the Hangover, you know? That is quite awesome anyway. Now, you could simply dress yourself up by getting a pair of wayfare sunglasses at Walmart online shopping center and their prices are quite acceptable to most of us. Also, try to pay attention to what you wear.