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How Long Do Novelty Contacts Last?

I just bought some novelty contact lenses because I am a little curious about them. How long do these special novelty contacts last?
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  • handsomemansclu


    Usually, almost all types of contact lenses will not store for a long time once you open it. But i just read an article that said you can keep novelty contact lenses for one year if you keep them properly. In details, you shall keep them in solutions (you must prevent them from drying). Besides, You must constantly clean lenses and change the solutions to prevent infecting bacteria. so, even if you don't wear the lenses, you still need to clean it at most 3 days a time. In addition, you shall put the contact lenses in dry and cool places.
  • Cathy Dailey


    As long as you keep them clean and take good care of them properly, novelty contact lenses can last years. When you don't use the novelty contact lenes, you should store them in the proper lens solution to prevent them drying out. Moreover, you should clean them every day so that there is no bacteria developing on the lenses, otherwise you are easy to get eye infection. Just follow the doctor's instructions to use your novelty contact lenses and then they will last longer.