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What is the maximum age for lasik surgery?

I am already 50 year old now. Am I too old to get lasik surgery? Would lasik not be advised because I might still need glasses to correct age-related eye issues?
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  • creatingme


    I saw online that there is no upper age restrictions for LASIK surgery. And there is a older man that have successfully done LASEK when he was 84. So, you still can take LASIK surgery if you want to cure your vision problems. Anyway, you shall visit an eye doctor and ask his / her advice. Hope this helps and you can get rid of eyeglasses as soon as possible. Good luck.
  • Trinity rose


    I've never heard that there is the maximum age for lasik surgery. I only know people should wait up to 18 years old so that they can have lasik surgery because lasik surgery can be down after your vision is stabilized. Otherwise you will need another lasik surgery soon after the procedure because your vision is always changing. However, there is no maximum age for lasik surgery. People who are over 80 or even 90 are able to have lasik surgery as long as they are qualified for the surgery. So before you go to have lasik surgery, you will be asked to have a check to see whether you are suitable for the surgery.