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Full frame vs half frame glasses,which is better?

i am not sure to get full frame glasses or half frame glasses, which is better?
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  • Aaron may


    Half frame glasses combine both the advantages of rimless glasses and full frame glasses, so they are not only comfortable and ease to wear but also they are strong and stable as full frame glasses. Half frame glasses will make people look smarter and more delicate. However, if you have a strong prescription, you'd better not choose half frame glasses because the bottom of the lenses that are uncovered appear too thick, which may affect your look. I would suggect you try them on and see which one will look good on you.
  • Brittany dale


    The full frame glasses fit all kinds of lens, and it always needs to check and adjust to ensure the full frame's screw doesn't loose. However, it fits for high myopia to hide the thick lens to look perfect; The half rimmed glasses fit 3.00D and below myopia degree. However, 1.50D and below hyperopia degree doesn't not fit for it because the bottom edge can be broken easily. Of course, the half rimmed glasses are lighter than the full frame glasses; On the other hand, the full frame glasses are suitable for almost all kinds of face; the half rimed one is more suitable for long face. In a word, you had better to try both types of glasses to find out the most suitable one.
  • Daniel


    I think this depends on what type of person you are. If you not sure, just full frames glasses that fit for all. In fact, there are some people can get very nice look with half frame eyeglasses. They looks smart and wise as well as a temperament of affinity. While full frames eyeglasses always give people an impression of sophisticated and intelligent. So, it is hard to tell which is better. You shall try on and test it out yourself.
  • Jonah


    In fact, we can not absolutely say which glasses are better. Because they can be suitable for different groups of people, and they should choose the glasses based on their degree. In general, the full frame is suitable for any lens, but when you wear it, you should regularly check the screws of lens, if they are loose, you can timely adjust in order to avoid lens falling down. The half frame glasses are more suitable for the customer whose degree is slightly higher.
  • Rebecca


    Generally speaking, full frame glasses are suitable for all the people. Half frame glasses will be lighter and more fashionable. While if your lenses are too thick, it may be not suitable for you. Personally, I think half frame glasses is better, because it has lighter weight and will not increase the burden of my nose.
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