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Riley gary


Why black thick framed glasses are so popular now?

Suddenly I found people around me are all wearing these black thick framed glasses. Why are they so popular now?
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  • carter


    Black is a classic and fashion color, which is accepted by male and female, young and old. For male, wearing black thick framed glasses let people feel this guy is a gentleman; for female, it shows the woman is very quality. Even it helps the person to have a pair of more beautiful and bigger eyes.
  • elbcoastboy


    Black frames glasses can be considered the most classic style among eyeglasses. Besides, black thick framed eyeglasses can easy match for all and any clothes. You can get a rock look with black thick eyeglasses, a t-shirt, jeans. You can also be sophisticated with the eyeglasses match a business suits. Besides, you can also get a fashion look with the eyeglasses compared some nice skirt or casually clothes. Maybe that's why many people wear it.
  • Jade


    Black thick framed glasses become one of the most fashionable eyeglasses in recent years. Many people from the young to the old prefer wearing black thick framed glasses not only because of the black color but due to their classic design, which will never fade over time. The black thick frame eyeglasses can bring wearers a feeling of elegance and tradition and these glasses can be worn in most situations can they are easy to match everything. That's why black thick framed glasses are so popular now.
  • Kaylee peters


    Black thick framed glasses are suitable for the people all over the world. The black frame can have a perfect blend with different colors of hair and skin. The effect is both stylish and cool. Black can also hide a lot of things which you may think it is your shortage on your face.Black thick framed glasses are very popular in the TV drama. Recently, these glasses are appeared frequently in TV, film. And the effect is very good. In addition, black thick framed glasses are fashionable by themselves.
  • Zoe


    Of course people always have a reasons if they choose to wear them.In terms of me,I really think black thick framed glasses r very popular and fashionable.U know what?Nerd glasses r always my favourite and what I am wearing now r actually quite amazing nerd glasses,that is why I strongly want to recommend this to u.I also know a lot of people that who don't need prescription but still wear fashion nerd glasses.
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