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Cheng San Neoh


High IOP with no sympton of headache and blurr vision

My 15 years old daughter is diagnosed with Acute Close Angle glaucoma. In Mar 2012 when her IOP was 30 , she felt headache and blurr vision. Yesterday (Jul 26), her IOP was 52, yet there was no headache and blurr vision. Appreciate if you can advsie :1) why the symptons of headache and vision blurr did not happen even at a reading of 52, 2) should I be concern that even at this high IOP, there was no sympton of headache and blurr vision?
Thank you for taking time to read my mail and I look forward to you advise.
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  • clam_i_am


    Patients with acute angle glaucoma frequently experience a headache and blurry vision that are typical types of high eye pressure. However, eye pressure can be very high due to her eye diseases even though these typical symptoms don’t happen. If her IOP is high, treatment in this condition needs to be rapid such as eye drops, medicines, etc. I suggest you go and see your daughter’s ophthalmologist that specializes in glaucoma and seek more medical advices.

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