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Are all oakley sunglasses polarized?

I want to buy polarized sunglasses. And one of my friends recommend me oakley sunglasses. I just want to know if all oakley sunglasses are polarized?
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  • Melissa duncan


    Well, please let me briefly introduce oakley sunglasses to you. Briefly speaking, it is an American brand that was established in 1975, and it is now becoming one of the best sunglasses in the world. Their product range is very wide, including some nice polarized sunglasses you know? But not all their sunglasses are polarized , and you should get aware of that.
  • Mark Burns


    The oakley sunglasses are so cool at the appearance which will make you look so handsome or beautiful. Their design is so creative which will attract a lot of customers. However not all oakley sunglasses are polarized. If you use the sunglasses for driving or fishing, you could choose ones with polarized character. If not and you just use it in the sunshine, you could choose the common types which will also protect your eyes from the uv rays.
  • Gabriella rodney


    Oakley is a world-famous brand of sunglasses. Since the foundation of the company in 1975, the company has already had 25000 retail stores in as many as 100 countries. The material of making sunglasses is Plutonite. It has strong ability of preventing ultraviolet rays and the definition of its sunglasses exceeds the standard of ANSI industry. Oakley has many series products of polarized sunglasses. For example, the Polarized Jupiter and the Polarized Frogskins LX are good polarized sunglasses to choose from.