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Can legally blind people see with glasses?

Do legally blind people need wear eyeglasses when they see something? Can eyeglasses help them?
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  • Blanca C.


    What does legally blind mean? It means the people who have the best corrected vision of 20/200. If the people took off their glasses or contact lenses, then they can barely see the foot right in front of their face. What does 20/200 vision mean? It means the legally blind people can only see the same details of a subject 20 feet away while normal people can see the same thing 200 feet away. Without eyeglasses, they literally blind that they can't see the people just next to them. Eyeglasses of course could help them, although not very much, but at least they can see things. The so called blindness will not affect their lives. We should put it this way that eyeglasses is necessary for these people. Yet the eyeglasses may not be the ordinary ones, they are especially prescribed by ophthalmologist. There are five types of main optical devices for legally blind people, including magnifying spectacles, magnifiers, stand magnifiers, telescopes and closed-circuit television.


    Talking about the legally blind symptom, it refers to the people with the bad eyes vision. As we know, people with short sighted symptom could see clearly by the help of the eyeglasses with prescription. Their eye sight could be corrected to the 180 degrees which is the normal healthy eye sight. However, people with legally blind could see the 20 degrees or less even with the corrected equipments, like the eyeglasses or contact lenses with prescription. That is to say, eyeglasses will not help people with legally blind see the things in the exact vision, just about 20 degrees. Such eyes disease could be cured through the surgery which could be safe and effective. You should take this legally blind into serious consideration which will affect your daily life to the large degree.
  • b3l0ng524nna


    According to the standard of American Medical Association, the CVA (corrected visual acuity) below 0.1 or visual field angle below 20 degree, this situation will definite as "legally blind". Of course, the eyeglasses will help some for certain extends. However, there still some body that overcome all the all the difficulties to win a lot. Dong Hyun Im, who is one the team championship of Athens Olympic Games of archery in the age of 18. And he also won four golden medals in the Asian Games. David Paterson, he was the first black governor of a state of New York. The eyeglasses help them for some way; however, the endeavor and painstaking hardwork help them more for their splendid career.