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Does vitamin e oil help eye wrinkles?

Can i use vitamin E oil to my eye wrinkles? Does it work to reduce eye wrinkles?
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  • Christian george


    Well, I can see that you are quite concerned about your eye skin, so yes of course eye wrinkles would definitely affect our looks and our confidence, making us appear to be quite old. So, it is true that vitamins such as vitamin E could do good to your eye skin, relieving those wrinkles. But here I recommend retin A to you, which is very effective and have been applied to eye cream making. You should take a look at it. Also, good mood, healthy diet and physical exercise are essential too.
  • walkidiot


    Yes, you can use vitamin E oil to reduce your eye wrinkles. Vitamin E oil has a thicker consistency compared to some other oils, so it works well on wrinkles. It is a pure oil that is good for your eyes and will not add any unwanted chemicals into your system. when applying it over your eyes, you should apply it very gently.
  • entivore


    Yes, I think so. Vitamin E is a fat-solube vitamin, which is well known for its antioxidant function. Thus many researches show it could be taken as supplement for preventing or treatment many kinds of conditions. Vitamin E helps our body regulate retinol level, which is critical to skin health. Wrinkles are inevitable for us. It is the combination of many factors, which we are doing every day, for example smile, laugh, cry, and squint and so on. As we age, we are losing collagen, so that our muscle and skin is less elastic day by day. Although they are inevitable, yet we still can do something to make them etch less and lighter as late as possible. This is exactly what women, including some men, concern about greatly. Vitamin E can slow down the aging process of skin. It can fight against damages from free radicals and make skin younger and radiant and also protect skin from photoaging. This is how it works. When you use vitamin E oil to help reduce eye wrinkles, you'd better massage your skin to help absorption so that it could be more effective.

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