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What are side effects of prednisone eye drops ?

Have you used prednisone eye drops? How do you feel? Are there any side effects of the eye drops?
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  • chronojwl


    well, generally speaking, by using this kind of eye drops, it will lead to a lot of side effects. These may include extremely painful headache, sudden development of swelling or pus from eyes. And also the abrupt onset of eye blurriness, pain may occur too. by the way, your vision can be changed too. Also, some other slight blurred vision, or light sensitivity, may happen. and if these symptoms occur, immediate medical attention should not ignored.
  • cookie127


    Prednisone is mainly used to treat various disorders, most of which is allergic reaction, for example skin conditions, asthma, and arthritis. It can be used as treatment for cancer and blood disorders. It can help reduce irritation, inflammation and swelling. It is widely used for its good function, yet side effects always come with benefits. The very common feeling of taking this medicine, you might get feelings like increasing appetite, indigestion, nervous and restless. There are some other less common or rare side effects that you might get, such as changes in pigmentation, dizziness, redness of faces, hiccups, increased sweating, feeling of spin, decreased or blurred vision, frequent urination, increased thirst, depression and confusion and so on. But it is not people taking this medication will go through all the side effects. They don't happen to everyone. You should let your doctor know what is happening to you. The doctor will balance the benefits versus side effects and decide what drugs he/she should prescribe for you. Don't worry too much.
  • carminerobert


    Yes, I have heard the prednisone eye drops. After using them, I feel bright at the eyes. The eyes are so comfortable at the feeling. There are almost no side effects of the eye drops if you use it under the instructions. The pregnant people and people with sensitive problems should not use it.