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Catherine lewis


How to relieve eye strain after delivery?

After delivery, I often feel eye strain. Why? What causes it? Any good way that can help you?
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  • Bob Witek


    Ok, I can see that you have got some eye problems after delivery, according to some clinical cases, a lot of people would get some negative impacts on their body, including eye strain, and generally speaking, it is resulted from lack of sleep and mental problems, so you just need to take care of those problems and get some mental assistance from a mentor. Also try to get a better diet .
  • walkingalone_


    Keep good mood is the first thing to do. And rub the points on both sides of forehead to reduce fatigue from nerves in brain. Next close your eyes and wash them with hot water to decrease the intention of nerves and blood vessels. Also, you can drop some counter eye drops to lessen redness and pain in eyes. The last thing to do is take a good rest and stay fit.
  • Allison leslie


    After the delivery, you will often feel eye strain because of the unstable eye pressure. And your eyes may be always dry which will make your eyes feel not comfortable. The best way for you to reduce this symptom is to have the good rest, not reading books or sitting in front of the computers. You could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and moisture. That is the good natural and effective way.

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