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William clive


Can alcohol change your eye color?

Can alcohol change the color of the eyes. Is it bad for eyes if i find my eyes color changed ?
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  • comingourloud


    There are various matters are depending to white color turning to yellow when you drink alcohol your all body organ and system become raise. Due to that it will be sweaty than before. So, you are sweaty your armpit can be yellow color. Besides, sun burn, bleaching, chemical will be effect to white color turn to yellow.
  • David Safir


    Well, it seems that you drink a lot of alcohols. So, as a matter of fact, the color of our pupil would not be changed due to drinking alcohol. However, sometimes the white of the eyes would be bloody and looks really bad, and painful feelings would arise as a result of drinking. So, I suggest that you reduce to drink wines because a lot of problems would be generated in the long run.
  • Mona


    Alcohol can change the color of your eyes into red if you drink too much. Alcohol causes the blood vessels in your eyes to expand, making them more prominent. Obviously, it is bad for your eyes. Heavy drinking of alcohol not only cause color change, but also destroy your vision and overall eye health.

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