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Are eye ulcers contagious?

I got eye ulcers. Do i need stay at home? Are eye ulcers contagious?
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  • Paige


    The eye ulcers will not be contagious. As the genetic carcinogenic quality, the eye ulcer is palpebral at the edge part. It can be caused by the lack of pigment, long time of sun exposure, the strong ultraviolet radiation and malnutrition. The eye ulcer can be the serious problem which you should take notice of. As what has said above, you could treat the ulcer by the intake a lot of nutritious food, stay at home and not go out to meet the sunshine. The sunshine will make your eyes get more damage because of the uv. If you have to go out, you will have to wear the pair of sunglasses. In the eye problems, the pink eyes are contagious, not the eye ulcers.
  • Megan W


    Eye or corneal ulcers can begin with a wound to the surface of the eye, or they may result from eyelashes that irritate theetc. They aren't contagious. You have no need to stay at home, but it is necessary to treat it in time, to avoid deterioration. You can use some eye drops to prevent eye ulcers, or consult doctor.
  • Anita


    Well, it seems that you have got some serious problems in relation to your eyes. So sorry to hear that anyway. So, generally speaking, eye ulcers are not contagious and wouldn't give rise to other infections around it. but it could be very terrible, because other parts are just connected to each other. So, based on your situation, I recommend that you take some timely and effective measures to tackle this problem without hesitation. Good luck.