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Robert Potter


Where to buy sunglasses like katy perry wears in teenage dream?

I like the sunglasses that katy perry wears in teenage dream. Where can i find it?
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  • luis


    I feel that's beautiful too. I bought that several weeks ago, here is my method. First of all, I logging on Ebay, you can choose the other online shopping that is okay. Then, I insert "katy perry 's sunglasses", because I didn't mean to buy the same one in teenage dream, if you want the exact one, you can insert "sunglasses like katy perry in teenage dream", then there will be lots of sunglasses show up, you can have a look, then pick out the one you like.
  • walker_


    As American pop princess, Katy Perry wears a pair of Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarers sunglasses in Teenage Dream. They are made from acetate, having bold contours to outline the wearers face effectively. You can find it in Ray-Ban store. Also, you can get it from the internet where you can obtain lower price. Here is the link:
  • Hunter rose


    The sunglasses that Katy Perry wears in teenage dream are so excellent at the appearance. You could go to the online stores to have a search. It is said that amazon has the full goods resource. You could go there and have a search. And the price there is suitable which will absolutely make you satisfied.