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Does high eye pressure cause headaches?

Is it possible to get headaches from high eye pressure? If so, how high eye pressure cause headaches?
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  • Jacqueline warren


    Well, when it comes to high eye pressure, we always think about some bad problems resulted from it. So, as far as I am concerned, the symptoms of high eye pressure is the painful eye balls, a feeling of wanting to throw up, as well as dizzy feelings. In the meantime, headaches is also one of the problems you will face. Therefore, I suggest that you take effective measures to deal with this problem.
  • EDWIN Caster


    Yes, it is possible for you get headaches from high eye pressure. When you have the high eye pressure, your head will feel dizzy when the blood rushed to the body too quickly. You'd better take notice of it because sometimes you will have no emergency methods to deal with it. You should have the good mood and keep the good habit of living.
  • cattatra


    Well, yes, high eye pressure will lead to headaches. Generally speaking, if you have eye pressure in your eyes, it is easy for you to have eye strains. For example, you watch computer for a long time and do not have good rest. That can cause high eye pressure and then the eye strain will occur. In that way, some long term effects of eye strains happen, such as headache. Generally speaking, it can put stress on the eye muscles and the facial and scalp muscles, causing pain and headache. In some worse cases, it will make your vision worse. Anyway, just pay more attention to your eyes. You should control the time you use your eyes. And so the eye pressure can decrease, and you will not feel headache. Also, just have a good rest is effective.