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Matthew baker


Can I wear sunglasses with a suit?

Is it cool if i wear sunglasses to match my suit? How do you think of it?
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  • Anthony cecil


    It is Sure! You must be very cool only if that you are a dwarf. You can see so much scene in the movies that sunglasses match with suit. The only one you should care is that do not looks like a security :-)
  • John clark


    Well, as a matter of fact, you are absolutely ok to wear sunglasses in a suit. Because as you can see, a lot of agents, body guards, as well as an awful lot of us ordinary people wear this, this is not weird at all. And they do not contradict each other you know? Personally speaking, you should not rely on other people's opinions, just be what you wanna be and leave all the rest behind. It is quite cool, I think.
  • enycelilmamii


    I think it is cool too. As the formal clothes, the suit will show more personality and coolness when you match it with the sunglasses. However, you should match them in the color. Usually the suit is in black color or white color, you could just choose any color of sunglasses. The bright color of sunglasses will bring you the great personality.

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