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Derek T.


Can diabetes cause yellow eyes?

I have diabetes. And my eyes also appear yellow? Why? Can diabetes also cause yellow eyes?
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  • Noah


    There is no evidence showing that diabetes would lead to yellow eyes directly. Yellow eyes refer the the sclera part of eyes taking a yellowish tinge. The yellow color is a hint of jaundice for a built up bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is yellow colored pigment produced by breakdown of old red blood cells. Normally this bilirubin will be tramitted into small intestine with bile and finally discharged into feces. Because the bilirubin is processed by liver, so yellow eye is usually a signal of livery problem or any disorder related to the process. I once got yellow eyes for icteric hepatitis. I stayed in the hospital over one month to get healed up. Once you found your eyes are yellowish, you should go to hospital right away. Some problems could be lethal.
  • Jonathan griffin


    Commonly diabetes is described as too much sugar in blood vessels. This condition often occurs among 40s to 50s aged people. People who suffer diabetes will get blurry vision. That's because the blood vessels in eyes afford high pressure which is possible to damage nerves. And an oculist said that diabetes is hard to cause yellow eyes. The most common factor which leads to yellow eyes is due to liver. Diabetes can cause side effect on liver. As we all known, liver diseases may be caused by alcohol, meet and so on. If someone gets liver diseases, the prominent symptoms are thin and yellow. So your yellow eyes are possible for liver diseases. But you need to pay attention to your health in any condition. Health is above all. Plus, if you really get diabetes, do not eat many foods which contain high sugar. And you'd better follow your doctor's suggestions to keep eye sight.

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