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Can eating grapes do good to eye health?

I just wonder if eating grapes are good for eye health.
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  • crc32


    Yes. Eating grapes can help you keep eyesight. It have been suggested that eating grapes can slow the process of age-related blindness. And drink grape wine is also help prevent eyes from macular degeneration. It is normal that people will experience age-related macular degeneration when people getting older. But eating more grapes can help to protect your eyes against that disease. And grape-filled diet protected against oxidative damage in the retina. So, eating grapes is good to eye health.
  • Larry S


    Absolutely yes. Grapes are rich of vitamin, one of them is VA, and it can guard against to nactalopia. And maybe you can also have some raisin, it is delicious, and it is good to liver, and traditional Chinese medicine says, liver is corresponding to eyes, foods that are good to liver is good to eyes. And semen cassiae is good to eyes, too.
  • David garcia


    Of course grape is good for eye health. Grape is rich in carotene and lycopene that help promote good vision. Beta carotene is converted by the body to vitamin A as needed, an important antioxidant that resists oxidative stress damage to cells and tissues including the eye lenses. Besides, grape is also rich in vitamin C and E, both of those are good for our eyes.