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Brandon cook


What are the Best contact lenses for dry eyes?

i have tried several different brands of contact lenses but after several hours my eyes will get very dry. Can anyone give some suggestions?
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  • garcia


    Generally speaking, people with dry eyes are not suitable for contact lenses because contact lenses would cause their dry eyes even worse. Some kinds of contact lenses will draw the fluid in the eye, so many people will get dry eyes when wearing contact lenses. However, nowadays there are some special kinds of contact lenses that are designed for dry eyes like Acuvue Oasys and Ciba 02 Optix.
  • walker626


    If you have dry eyes, wearing contact lenses can be dangerous. You may have to constantly use eye drops if you wearing contact lenses. So, maybe you can consider to buy prescription eyeglasses. Anyway, i heard that there is a type of contact lenses called "1 Day Acuvue Moist Toric" from Johnson and Johnson. Most of people think they are good and worthy to try. You may have a try, too.

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