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Can tooth infection cause pink eye?

I suffer from tooth infection. I am worried about it. Will it further cause eye infection even pink eyes? Any idea?
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  • Danielle lewis


    Tooth infection always along with virus and bacteria. So it is possible to lead to pink eye. According to your condition, you'd better go to see a doctor and determine the root reason that causes your pink eye. Tooth infection always because of cold, tooth problems, bacteria and germs. You must pay attention to heal toothache in that you may get further tooth problems. Pink eye cannot cause deep pain and disorder, but it is still essential to take good care of it. Drinking some warm water with honey, apply hot wet cloth to clean the corner of your eyes in order to avoid getting eye discharge into eyes, drop some basic drops to reduce the pain in your eyes. By the way, pink eye can be okay by itself, so take easy, and then just walk at home instead of staying outside. Pink eye is easy to spread person to person, be careful.
  • crystal_jade13


    it is possible to have eye infection from tooth infection. There are some patients with serious tooth infection experienced swollen eyelids and faces. Tooth infection, such as tooth abscess might be caused by bacteria or virus. While pink eye is the acute inflammation of conjunctiva caused by infectious or noninfectious causes. Bacterial or viral infection of eyes are the main causes of pink eye. We know that a cold can cause pink eye for spreading the infection to eyes. In the same way, tooth and mouth are very close to eyes too. It is quite possible to spread the infection to eyes. Pink eye is a not serious problem. In most cases of infectious pink eye, warm compress helps a lot. I suggest you to visit a dentist at once.

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