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Are eye infections dangerous?

I got eye infection, is it dangerous? How to get rid of it?
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  • Robert Johnson


    Of course, eye infection is a dangerous thing. Many eye problems are due to infection. Black eyes caused by injury in eyes and faces. However, infection can make them worse, and then cause some side effects, such as sore eyes and eye pain. Conjunctivitis is the most common eye problem which also will be fine but it own without any treatment option in seven days. But the most important factor that leads to conjunctivitis are bacteria and virtus. Thus, redness, eye pain, even dry eyes may occur quickly. Glaucoma may be also possible to be caused by eye infection. Although glaucoma are aged people who are easy to get, young people who are not care about their eye healthy also could suffer. Many eye problems are associated with eye sight, that is , blurry vision is related to dry eyes, pink eyes, glaucoma and so on. The best thing you can do to deal with eye infection is to see a doctor and decide the proper medical treatments. Don't hesitate, or blindness and eye problems follow you in the whole lifetime.
  • Vanessa george


    Ok, it is correct that eye infection could be of great danger, because it might lead to some serious consequences, even making you go blind. For they are highly contagious and harmful to your eyes, your visual nerves, and vision. What you need right now is just some timely treatment and you need to quit some bad habits from now on. Also, rubbing eyes is forbidden. Some antibiotic eye drops could be of great use to you.
  • hand_in__hand


    Usually, eye infection is caused by bacterial, viral or fungal agents. And eye infection usually can affect any part of the eyes. From the eyelids to the cornea. It is dangerous if you let it untreated. Since there are different types of eye infection, you'd better visit an eye doctor to have a check so as to make sure what causes it. Then, you can treat it in a right way. Commonly, compresses, eye drops and cream and antibiotics are the most common eye infection treatment. So, just go to see a doctor. Good luck.