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Does wearing glasses affect golf swing?

I just wonder if wearing glasses can affect golf swing?
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  • ryan


    Yes. Wearing glasses can affect golf swing. If you are wearing a pair of glasses that is too tight or too loose, it will definitely affect you when you swing golf. The glasses will go up and down if they are too loose, which is uncomfortable and you have to use your hand. On the other hand, if the glasses are too tight, you don't feel ease, either. So, it's really important to choose a suitable pair of glasses that are neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Zoe may


    What do you mean eyeglasses can affect golf? Wearing glasses have no connection to the swing of the ball. On the contrary, If you wear golf eyewear when you play golf. The eyeglasses can help you see better about the swing of the ball. From this point, a pair of golf glasses can help golf player play better. If you are regular golf player, it is necessary to buy a pair of golf glasses.
  • Charlie Lee


    it depends on your eye sight. if it is very good, then you do not need to, otherwise, you have to wear eyes glasses to make suer you can wacth the ball clearly. what`s more, glasses will not affect you if you have used to wear it.
  • gary


    It looks like you are very into playing golf right. So, as a matter of fact, your concern is quite unnecessary because as you can see, some professional players still wear glasses, but there is some slight problem with your golf swing because what you see is slightly different from the reality. So if you have some vision problems, just try to get some daily contact lenses, which could solve the problem.