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Can plastic surgery change eye shape?

Is it possible to change the shape of eyes after taking plastic surgery? Why or why not?
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  • James taylor


    Yes, it is possible to shape the eyes because of plastic surgery by changing the position at the eye bones. If you want to make the big eyes, you could do this by the plastic surgery. There are a lot of people accept the plastic surgery to change the shape and size of the eyes. It becomes safe and effective.
  • candylips167


    Anyway, you should know that those plastic surgery would slightly change your bones on your face,your eyelids, the size of your eyes, droopy eyes,double-fold eyelids etc. some surgery would indeed give whatever desired effects you want. Because their technology is advanced and reliable. However, there would be some consequences and risks. Anyway, try to be careful and some lasting impacts could be really serious.
  • Eric quick


    Well, it is hard to say yes or no. and we have to say that it depends on what is being done. According to some experts, "usually with transcutaneous which cuts below lashes on outside and then there is a chance of changing eye shape if canthopexy is not done." On the other hand, if they cut inside lower lid, it is not possible to change your eye shape. So you can just go and see the doctor and generally speaking, he can just give you some advices.