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What is the best oil for dark circles?

I got dark circles for half a year. The dark circles make me look tired. So, can you tell me what is the best oil for dark circles?
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  • Jackson raphael


    There are many brands of oil essentials that could do the affection on the dark circles under the eyes. You could find that the oil essentials could make your eyes skin absorb to some degree. Then the eyes surrounding parts will become smooth and clear. You could find that the dark circles will reduce. Just choose one oil essential will do the same effect for you because of the same inner material.
  • walker


    It seems that you are annoyed by those ugly dark circles under your eyes. Of course those circles would make you look tired and greatly affect your looks. Anyway, there are lots of natural ways to help you, essential oils are useful, such as lemon oil,which is enriched in lots of vitamins for your eyes, or lavander oil, also useful. Here I recommend retin A eye cream to you, for it's very effective in terms of treating eye problems.
  • Edward White


    Dark circles indeed make people look tired and old. There are many kinds of oil you can adapt, for example, wheat germ oil, vitamin E oil and so on. All of these oil are believed to be very good nutrition for skin. But poor sleeping is the number 1 in the list of causes of dark circles. My suggestion is that go to bed and fall in deep sleep every day before 11:00 pm. Sleeping is very important for skin. Change your living habit and you will see the function is amazing. If you use some oil to enhance the effect, you should do massage with it. Softly and slowly massage the skin around eyes. It can help blood circulations around eyes and speed up the renewing process. Hope you find this helpful.