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How to massage eye for blocked tear duct?

I get blocked tear duct. Can massage help me? If so, how can to massage eye for the blocked tear duct?
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  • Michelle


    Yes, the massage will help you reduce the blocked tear duct. As we know, the tear ducts sit near corner of the eyelids which is close to the part of nose. Sometimes the duct may have the blockage which will cause a person to have excessive tearing and frequent eye infections. The blockage of the tear ducts may result from an infection in eyes or poorly formed ducts, injury or medication use or other things. Besides the surgery which could help you cure the blocked tear ducts, there are home remedies for you to do. You could do the massage to help the blocked tear ducts. You could keep on doing the massage gently on the nasal corner of the eye a few times every day. It may help break up the blockage. You should keep on doing so. In addition, you should keep notice of the diet to make the eyes moisture.
  • Joseph campbell


    It is a common problem for babies but adults also get it sometimes. Anyway, you should try to massage your eyes from time to time. Just follow these steps, first, get your hands thoroughly washed, second, try to put your both of your thumbs on your eye sockets beside your nose. Then gently rub them. Anyway, you should get some professional treatment in the hospital which could effectively fix your problem.