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David Safir


What causes iritis in both eyes?

I was diagnosed iritis. I feel upset. I just can't understand what causes the iritis in both of my eyes?
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  • Elijah


    It is so bad for you to get iritis. It may be the eyes infection that causes the iritis which could be the most possible reason. There must be the invisible bacterium in the eyes. You should treat your iritis as soon as possible. You should treat your eyes with medical treatment. You should keep notice of your diet and rest.
  • Jordan smith


    Well, there are many people who have iritis in their eyes. For the causes, trauma, inflammatory eye disease, or an eye infection can lead to iritis. So you should check your own situation with it. To treat it, the anti-inflammatory cortisone eye drops are often used. And then it will just take one week to recover. Also, because of ititis, other symptoms, such as worsened eye pain when exposed to bright light, red eyes, blurred vision may occur too.
  • Brandon cook


    Ok, I can see from your words that you want to know what led to your iritis so that you would be able to fix it. Anyway, from what I know, the causes of iritis could be quite complicated sometimes, such as infections with eyes, such as pink eyes, or problems with your joints and bones, or serious cold. In a word, the causes could be various so you should get a medical exam right away so as to figure out a better solution to the problem.