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Austin gerard


How to watch a 3d movie if you wear glasses?

I am nearsighted and wear my eyeglasses. Ii want to watch 3d movie. But it require to wear 3D glasses. What should i do now? shall wear two pairs of glasses at the same time( one pair of regular prescription glasses, the other is 3D glasses)?
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  • Arianna griffin


    Well, wear two pairs of glasses. Ever I have done such things. First, it looked so stupid that the audience who seated near my side always looked at me, not the screen. Second, the size of common eyeglasses and 3D glasses are different. You need use hands to stable 3D glasses on the other one. So tired. The best way to solute such question is so simple-wearing contact lenses. 3d glasses have no degrees, so contact lenses are the best choices. Contact lenses have no any frames that you don't confused how to wear two glasses. And contact lenses can help with getting rid of double vision that caused by wearing two eyeglasses. Also, wearing contact lenses can enhance you outlook if you are not suitable for eyeglasses. All in all, after my experience, I always to wear contact lenses to watch 3D movies. It's great.
  • Catherine williams


    This situation I have met for several times as I am also a people with myopia, and a movie fan meanwhile. There are only two ways for us to choose, the one is wearing the two glasses at the same time. The eyeglasses for the inside layer while the 3D glasses are wearing on the outside of the eyeglasses. It has a little burden for the nose bridge, but it is feasible for you to enjoy the movie. The second method is to buy a pair of contact lenses for you to watching movie. The contacts would be so tiny and light for your eyes to burden. And the effect of watching would be pretty good for the contacts will have no glare reflection to the jumping pictures.
  • William clive


    One simple solution to wearing 3D glasses with regular glasses is to wear them on top. This can be a bit uncomfortable, but is certainly the easiest solution to the problem. Some movie theaters might have special 3D glasses designed for use over glasses. These are a bit roomier than the traditional glasses. Even without special glasses you can generally fit the 3D glasses over a pair of regular ones with no problem.Some manufacturers make special clip on glasses that can be worn when watching 3D movies and TVs. These glasses are designed to be worn with regular eyeglasses. This will require you to invest in special glasses before watching the show or movie, but these glasses are often quite affordable and are a good investment if you regularly watch 3D movies or TV.