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Is it safe to wash your eyes with water?

Can i use tap water to wash my eyes? Or some eye drops are better?
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  • James green


    If you close eyes when wash them with water, it's one hundred percent safe. Water contains abundant miners which is good to our skin and eyes, some even can bright eyes. However, if you wash eyes when open up, it's so dangerous. When there is no any foreign matter in your eyes, water can mixed with substances in your eyes to cause some infections, for instance, redness, irritation and pain. Although some home remedies included using clean water to flush foreign matter out of eyes, that's just need a few minutes and no any chemical reflection will happen. So if you want to wash your eyes, you can use a wet and warm towel to clean dirty thing in the corner of eyes, or internal eyes. After that, drop some basic drops to reduce possibly infections. Another home remedy way to help with washing eyes is cucumber slices. We all known that cucumber can help with getting rid of circles under eyes, but few people known that cucumber has a strong ability to absorb dirty things in skin. Well, this effect is not so prominent, but you can benefit from cucumber if you insist on.
  • williams


    Theoretically speaking, it is safe to wash your eyes with water. However, it will depends on what kind of water do you use. The pure and clean water, especially the distilled water or cool boiling water will be good for you to adopt. The pollution water or the one which full of bacterial or virus will be prohibited for you to use. Furthermore, if you have dry eyes symptom, the artificial tears drops would be applied for you to relief the symptom. Please avoid use the cold water to stimulate your eyes. Do not rub your eyes after the washing, and use clean soft paper tissue or towel to absorb the extra water from your eyes and faces.