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Kyle owen


How to style your hair if you wear glasses?

I am a girl wear eyeglasses. Do you have any idea to on hair styles? What hair style will match me?
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  • emptyheading


    Your question is interesting! I want to ask you that how you style your hair. By yourself or ask other for help or even go to the barber for the new fashion get? I think most of the people will choose the third method. Under such circumstance, weather you wearing the glasses will be not important. Because you would just put forward your suggestion of the style of wonder to the barber. And he will complete the following process for you to let you without any troubles. If you want to style your hair by yourself, I think the best way is to change your glasses with frame into a pair of contacts. It is easy and comfortable for you to style your hair without any barriers.
  • Adriane


    Yes properly hair cut can make harmonize with your face shape and frames. But you shall also consider your face shape before you have a hair cut. Generally, if you want long hair, you can style your hair up and to the sides to keep the hair away from the from the frame. For example, If you have a chunky wide frame, you can make a textured bang, sleek long hairstyles but with no volume, or short hairstyle. In fact, your can consult your hairdresser before you make haircut.
  • characterposter


    That is easy. Well, since you want to appear more attractive and amazing, so you must know what type of person you are and want to be. So, there are some factors to be considered, such as your weight, your height, your looks, facial structure, most importantly, your taste. Anyway, It would be much safer to consult a stylist in the barbershop. Perhaps dyeing your hair would add attraction to you.