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Katelyn owen


Is it okay to wear glasses on a roller coaster?

I have poor vision and always wear prescription eyeglasses. My friends ask me to play roller coaster. So, I just wonder, is it ok to wear my prescription eyeglasses while i am on a roller coaster?
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  • Aaron may


    I think, you'd better not wear prescription eyeglasses when you are playing roller coaster. As we know, roller coaster is an exciting and quick games. Wearing prescription eyeglasses may hurt your eyes. Or maybe your can lost of your eyeglasses when you in quick speed of roller coaster. Perhaps, you can try prescription contact lenses.
  • hall


    You'd better take off the eyeglasses when playing roller coaster. Such stimulating game has fast speed which may throw off your eyeglasses. The worker man there may let you put the eyeglass in the stored place in order to avoid the future damage because of the throwing things. If the eyeglasses are thrown out, it is too dangerous at that time. Thus, you must take it off.
  • walkthru


    Maybe the thing you have said is very exciting, and to a certain extent, it is full of adventures. Therefore, it is recommended to wear glasses, because you can take them off when you engage in this activity. But if you wear contact lenses, in fact, the problem is not very serious, you can just close your eyes, and then it will be ok. However, you'd better not wear contact lenses on a roller coaster.
  • Pie


    I don't think you should wear your glasses because they might fall off and break while your riding the roller coaster. I recommend bringing a small bag and stashing it with the coaster operators. You can also get a friend who doesn't like coasters to come along and give your glasses to them.