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What food can cause puffy eyes?

I hear some food can cause puffy eyes. Is that true? I want to know what food will cause that in order to avoid this food.
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  • cazik


    In general, salty snack food, such as chips, nuts contains large amounts of salt (sodium) as a primary cause of puffy eyes. Though our bodies need sodium, our system would check the ratio of water to sodium before making our kidneys to absorb sodium. Hence, it would cause puff eyes if we take excess salty food. And the caffeinated drinks are another factor because caffeine can interfere with our regular system of excretion. And caffeine acts as diuretic to affect us to retain excess water in body. Meanwhile, alcohol drinks has the same effect because it can hold water in body as well.
  • Mort


    If you drink so much water before you go to bed at night that will cause the puffy eyes the next morning. Because after drinking the blood is diluted by liquid, and blood circulation accelerated and interstitial osmolarity is increased, and cause the local edema. And if you have some food which get you angry, especially the spicy and hot food, that also cause the puffy eyes. Like pepper, ginger, garlic, pepper, tea, tobacco, alcohol, coffee and green onions.
  • b3autiful___


    Yes, it's true to some extent. The puffy eye is also called as bubble eye. In normal daily life, the eye is in a bulging situation. According to the reasons of puffy eye, it is divided into congenital or postnatal factors. Eating food which leads to puffy eye may be put down to the later. And here what we say "food" may conclude spicy food like hot pepper, caraway, celery, fish and other various kinds of seafood, etc. Besides, intaking too much water before going to bed may lead to the same problem, too.
  • crystalwhip


    Yes, there are actually many foods which can cause puffy eyes such as the salty foods. Foods that contain large amounts of salt are a primary cause of diet-induced puffy eyes. Our body needs sodium, but your system constantly checks the water-to-sodium ratio before allowing your kidneys to excrete sodium. Eating a lot of sodium skews this balance, and your body retains water until the proper balance is restored. Then it will lead to the visible results include overall bloating and puffy eyes. Salty snack foods such as pretzels, chips and nuts are high in sodium. Processed lunch meats and frozen entrees also contain high levels of sodium. Eating these foods on a regular basis may contribute to your puffy eyes. So just pay more attention to these foods.