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Katelyn owen


Is it ok to clean sunglasses lenses with rubbing alcohol?

Can i clean my sunglasses lenses with rubbing alcohol? Will it damage the coating on the lenses?
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  • eomer_byrom


    It is OK to clean the ordinary sunglasses lenses with rubbing alcohol, but some special lenses which contain the composition of radiation-proof can not be cleaned with the rubbing alcohol, because it will damage this layer of epidermis. You can go to the store which you bought the sunglasses, the crews will help you to clean them with the water disinfecting machine for free.
  • Carlos quick


    Alcohol can wipe eyeglass lenses, but it is limit to glass lenses. Because alcohol is an organic solvent, the resin material, the surface coating of the lens can not use alcohol to wipe. With alcohol to wipe, the sunglasses lens can easily erase the outer membrane, it make damage to sunglasses lenses, So you'd better not use alcohol to wipe.
  • Bruce Robot


    You'd better not use the rubbing alcohol to clean your sunglasses for its corrosive nature which may damage the coating on the lenses. In addition, the rubbing alcohol has the character of volatilization which may be bad to the eyes of sensitive people. Just use the clean water to wash it and use the cloth to dry it. This is the most easy and effective way for you.
  • elliekate825


    Yes, it is ok to clean sunglasses lenses with rubbing alcohol. As we know that the purpose of a lens is to transmit and refract light. Lenses can also be used to protect one's eyes from harmful exposure, especially the sunglasses lenses. They are typically made of transparent plastic and can become dirty with repeated exposure to moist conditions. To clean them, there are several tips you should remember. First, fill a spray bottle three fourths full of rubbing alcohol. Add two drops of liquid dish soap to the bottle and fill the rest of the bottle with water. Second, shake the cleaning solution gently to mix the ingredients. Third, spray the cleaner on both sides of the lenses. Forth, Rub the lenses by using a soft cloth. Finally, reapply cleaning solution to lenses until completely clean.
  • Horst Thoms


    Lens coatings are so sensitive, stick to a microfiber cloth, if they get damaged, check here to see if you can get new lenses

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