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Isabelle garcia


Does wearing contacts contribute to eye pressure?

I often wear contact lenses. Will wearing contact lenses contribute to eye pressure? Why?
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  • christian


    No, wearing contact lenses won't cause high pressure. In fact, wearing contact lenses have no effect of eye pressure. Eye pressure is related with aqueous. Inadequate aqueous drainage and excessive aqueous production will contribute to high eye pressure. Besides, certain medications and eye trauma can also causes high eye pressure.
  • Kyle


    No evidence can prove that wearing contact lenses may cause the eye pressure. Although wearing contact lenses may make our eyes feel dry, it has no relation of cause of high eye pressure. However, people with high eye pressure are not suitable to wear the contact lenses. In a word, wearing contact lenses with good habit of hygiene is safe.
  • marvina


    Of course no, having contact lenses can not contribute to eye pressure. As we know that glaucoma can cause the eye pressure. But on the other hand, there are also many other reasons which can cause high eye pressure too. If you have not avoided eating some foods or drink, it may cause high eye pressure. Then, improper ratio of the production and drainage of aqueous humor is the main cause of eye pressure. So you should know that contacts have something to do with the eye pressure. If you have some problem with your eye pressure, maybe you should check it out and then have a good treatment.