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Benjamin gary


Can too much sleep cause puffy eyes?

Will too much sleep cause puffy eyes? Why? What causes that? Your answers are appreciated.
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  • Makayla raphael


    No, sleep won't cause puffy eyes. On the contrary, enough sleep is good for our health. But if you drink too much water before go to bed last night, you are likely to get puffy eyes the next mooring. So, to avoid, you'd better not drink too much water before you go to sleep. Besides, you can also ice compress to reduce your puffy eyes.
  • campbell


    Generally speaking, you are easy to get the puffy eyes if you drink too much water before you go to bed. But it is not the only reason. In fact, the appearance of puffy eyes is related to the disorder of his body's working condition, especially for the problem of kidney. Or other reason that causes the water metabolism unbalancing and leads to the accumulation of water in body, which in last produces the symptom of puffy eyes. Besides, too much sleep will not cause the puffy eyes. But if you have not enough sleep, the puffy eyes may find your door of house in turn.


    No, too much sleep can not cause puffy eyes. But you should know that there are many other things which can cause puffy eyes. If you often eat salty food, you may have puffy eyes. Because our body needs sodium, but your system constantly checks the water-to-sodium ratio before allowing your kidneys to excrete sodium. Eating a lot of sodium skews this balance, and your body retains water until the proper balance is restored. Then it will lead to the visible results include overall bloating and puffy eyes. Then caffeine and alcohol can also lead to puffy eyes. So you should avoid them.
  • Cassidy campbell


    Just sleep too much will not cause puff eyes. But if you drink too much water or cry for a long time before you sleep, that will cause the puffy eyes. And the form of sleeping is very important as it also causes the puffy eyes. So i would like to suggest you not to drink water before sleeping half an hour, and keep a comfortable sleeping posture.
  • Aaron may


    Experts said that the sleep won’t contribute to puffy eyes. Instead, Puffy eyes are inseparably related with eating habits and poor lifestyle .Drinking too much water before going to bed, sleep in a bad posture and the low pillow can cause puffy eyes. When you are sleeping, the body fluids have been gathered in the eye and eyes will be puffy because of the backflow of water in the body. You would better drink less water before going to bed, or try not to drink water, and pillows need to be lowered.

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