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Is it dangerous to wear prescription sunglasses while you have prescription contact lenses on?

I wear my prescription contact lenses. But when i go out, the sunshine makes me hard to open my eyes. I wonder if i can wear my prescription sunglasses right now? Is it dangerous to wear prescription sunglasses while you have prescription contact lenses on?
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  • Neil


    Yes, it is dangerous. It is so strange. I don't think you will be comfortable by wearing prescription contact lenses. You must be feel vision blur, headache, dizziness etc. Because the prescription contact lenses combined with prescription sunglasses lenses are not the prescription your eyes required. If you don't believe, just have a try. I am sure you won't get comfortable vision.
  • ezycome_ezygo


    If you have worn the prescription contact lenses, your vision will be at the right state. If you still wear the prescription sunglasses, the prescription will be high which may cause you to be dizzy at the head. If you want to protect your eye from strong sunlight, you may wear the common sunglasses with no prescription when wearing the prescription contact lenses.
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