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What does sudden double vision mean?

I got a double vision suddenly. I never have such experiences before. So, What caused that ?
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  • ezycome_ezygo


    Astigmatism, presbyopia, cataract and nervous system disease of eye all can cause double or blurred vision. Are you myopic or do you have any other disease? Double vision is a sign or symptom from your eyes. You should go to hospital and have a check at once. If you are healthy without other uncomfortable, close your eyes and have a rest. If the eye got well, that is ok. If it is not, go to hospital is first of all. Good luck!
  • Trinity


    The double vision is mainly caused suddenly because of the sudden eye pressures. You may feel dizzy at the eyes which causes the two visions. The unsmooth blood circulation will make the eyes pressure unstable. Once you've got the double vision, you'd better go to see the doctor and accept the treatment.
  • Jonathan griffin


    Double vision is also called diplopia, which ususally caused by two main reasons. Firstly, eye health could directly affect vision. Diplopia is a symptom of strabismus, that is to say, eyes are misaligned and could turn any direction when you have strabismus. And double vision could be occured when you have astigmatism because of the cornea is irregularly shaped. Or sudden double vision may be an indication of a serious medical condition. Thus, another possibility of casuing double vision is brain conditions, such as head injury, brain tumor, brain swelling or an aneurysm. Additionally, ocular migraines may cause not only headache but also double vision due to the changes in blood flow in the brain.