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Where are bolle sunglasses made?

I like bolle sunglasses. And i plan to buy a pair. Can you tell me where are bolle sunglasses made?
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  • Caitlin owen


    The bolle sunglasses, regarded as the world most top sports sunglasses, are designed and made in France. The bolle company in France has cooperated with China and opens the Chinese market to sell its products. Thus you can buy the bolle sunglasses at the Chinese market. Or you can search on the internet to buy one.
  • fraciose


    made in chicom look at label
  • harris


    Well, actually, you can find information on the Internet that it is a French brand which is famous for its sunglasses, especially sunglasses for sports use. As you can see, it is French brand, so its factories usually located within their nation, the purpose is to boost its domestic economy and promote its margin and save overheads. So, it becomes unnecessary to set up factories outside France, hope my answer help you. Actually, it is really expensive right?
  • bob


    designed in California made in china