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How to adjust nose piece on speedo goggles?

My speedo goggles cause discomfort to me. Can you tell me how to adjust the nose piece? Thanks a lot.
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  • chrissyonline


    When you feel discomfortable When wearing the speedo goggles, there must be some problems on the eyeglasses. They are too tight or too lose. You'd better adjust the position of the nose piece. At the position of the nose pad, there is the screw-socket for you to adjust the position. You can use the screw driver to adjust it. It is so easy. If you can't handle it, you can directly go to the eyeglasses store to let the worker help you.
  • walkthru


    Swim goggle can protect eyes from water. If the goggles are not properly fitted, water can flow into the goggles and you will feel uncomfortable. So, you have to adjust it once you got it. First, wear the goggles properly to determine if the nose bridge is ok. Then take it off. Secondly, use specialized wrench to loosen the nose bridge, adjust it, and tighten it to the right status. Lastly, place the goggles on your face again. Continue to adjust the nose piece till you get a comfortable fit.