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Savannah taylor


Does lack of potassium cause eye twitching?

I hear somebody say eye twitching can be caused by lacking of potassium, Really? Does lack of potassium cause eye twitching?
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  • Kristy Prince


    Yes, that's true. An eye twitch does not usually indicate a serious problem, but certain factors may contribute to the condition. A deficiency of potassium could cause eye twitching as well. Due to potassium helps transmit information to your body, and it could benefit to reduce blood pressure. If you do not intake enough potassium daily, it could result in symptoms, such as muscle weakness to cause eye twitching. However, if your eye twitching last more than two week, you have better inform your eye doctor.
  • Lauren


    Muscles in your eyelids have a spasm, you might experience an eye twitching. Usually, that is not a big problem. Enough sleep and rest can improve the condition. Lack of magnesium could result in twitching, while potassium does not have connection with it. You can find potassium in foods, like bananas. Low level of potassium might result in weakness or paralysis.
  • Brandon cook


    Yeah, the lack of potassium will cause the eye twitching. The composition of potassium in the body will make up the components in the eyes to let them work normally. Once your lack the potassium, the eyes will feel dry which directly makes them twitching. You'd better eat more food with potassium.

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