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Are energy saving light bulbs bad for your eyes?

Is it bad to use energy saving light bulbs for reading at home? Any good suggestion?
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  • Eugenia W.


    Yes, it may cause UV hazards, pain and eye pressure in the eyes. A energy-saving bulb will produce UV radiation. And UV light will cause skin damage and cataract formation and harm the eyes. Sometimes the flickering inherent with energy-saving light bulbs causes headaches and migraines. And we know headaches and migraines may cause some eye problems. So do not expose long time to energy saving light bulbs to protect your eyes. And try to use natural light as much as you can to use energy saving bulbs less.
  • Jordan


    Energy saving light bulbs can produce nightlight, which is a small light fixture, often electrical, placed for comfort or convenience in dark areas or areas that may become dark at certain times, such as in an emergency. Recently, a study has shown that reading with the light on or with a nightlight was associated with a greater incidence of nearsightedness in children. Eating some fresh fruits and drink some green tea which help with bright eyes. Wearing UV protection eyeglasses when you are reading is good.

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