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Can diabetes cause itchy eyes?

I suffered from diabetes. But in recent day, i also feel itchy eyes. Can diabetes causes it? How can i reduce it?
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  • Catherine williams


    Yes, you may have the itchy eyes because of diabetes. Your immune system in the whole body will be declined which may cause the invisible bacterium to come in the eyes. You may have the itchy eyes. You'd better use something to make your eyes feel comfortable. You could use the eyes drops with anti-inflammation to make your eyes feel comfortable. In addition, you could also make your eyes feel moisture through the warm compress.
  • Jessica Stevenson


    Well, generally speaking, it is possible to have itchy eyes when you suffer diabetes in your eyes. And as we know that for the symptoms of diabetes, there are some examples. For instance, people with this disease will have retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma. And according to some experts, retinopathy is the most common disease which is related to diabetes. But on the other hand, in some cases, your eyes will feel itchy too. So you need to take some ways to treat it. For example, you can have some cool teabags under your eyes. And just repeat it, and then it will be fine. Also, having some eye drops can be effective too. Anyway, just be careful about diabetes.