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Will blue contact lenses work on people with dark brown eyes?

i like blue contacts and i have dark brown eyes. Will i look good when wearing blue colored contacts? Any idea?
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    It is really hard to say that witch color of contracts is the best for you. Generally speaking, most people prefer dark colored contacts. Colored contracts are used to beautify eyes by enlarge pupils. Dark colored contacts, such as black, chocolate or brown are more effective to attract attention. But nowadays, many other colors are also popular. To determine witch one is the best for you, you shall go to contacts store to try. Everyone has different eyes. Even dark brown eyes can be divided into several different types. It depends on how dark the color is and what is the size of you pupil. Consequently, the same contacts will play different role on different person. Therefore, the only way to figure out witch is the best for you is to have a try.
  • Werner


    Sorry, I don't think it is a good match. Your original dark brown color will not be covered by the blue contact lenses. You'd better choose the darker ones to make the eyes look charming, like the chocolate ones or the dark black ones. Wearing the contact lenses as the accessory, you will look gorgeous and fashionable.
  • Bernice


    Yes, you can try blue contact lenses. But personally, you shall pay more attention to your skin color, hair color and clothes style when you choose colored contact lenses instead of considering your eye color only. If you have a fine and white skin, you are lucky, you can try many colored contact lenses such as blue, brown and black etc.
  • Gabriella


    Well, as a matter of fact, it doesn't matter if you wear blue contacts whether your eyes are green or brown you know? Since the outline of the contact lenses will fully cover the color of your eyes, thus, the color of your eyes will not affect the effect you are looking for. So, you can basically wear whatever you want, but bear in mind that you should be careful not to get your eyes infected through improper use and keeping.