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Where to buy heart shaped contact lenses for a cheap price

I want to buy heart shaped contact lenses for a party. Are heart contact lenses safe to wear? Where can i find them at cheap price because i do not have much money. Any idea?
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  • walkingalone089


    Generally speaking, the heart shaped contact lenses is not as common as the round shaped. If you really want to get ones, I think you can have a try on the cosplay website, because you know many guys will wear the strange shaped contact lenses. In my opinion, it will cost more than the common ones, but it will not be much more. In fact, little people will choose the heart shaped contact lenses, unless on some special situation, like you, you will attend a party. As to the side effects of the heart shaped contacts, you know, it will be bigger than your eyeball, and your eyes will be uncomfortable with the heartstrings shaped. If you just wear them once, I think there will not be big problem. Hope you have a nice time during your party.
  • Danielle


    When the halloween comes, many people choose to wear the contact lenses with different types and different colors. Both the shaped contact lenses and white contact lenses receive a lot of popularity among the young people. They are safe to wear, just for not long time. If you want to buy at the suitable price, you can go to the Walmart and Visionwork online store to have a look.
  • Kristy Prince


    Well, it looks like you have to make yourself special on the party right? And you are not financially well off anyway. So, perhaps I should recommend you some places to look for what you seek. Amazon, Walmart, Visionworks. All of them are abundant in various types of glasses as well as contact lenses. Since they are just like supermarkets, you can just get what you want at a low price. Good luck, hope you achieve your goal.

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