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How to treat blurred vision after glaucoma surgery?

i just took glaucoma surgery but my vision are blurred some times. Is it serious. How to treat it?
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  • Aaron


    Usually during the recovery phase after the glaucoma surgery, it is normal to cause the blurred vision for the eyes because the crystal in the eyes needs time to get recovery.After all, you do the surgery, crystal is more or less have some damage. However, your problem is that you get the serious blurry vision. There are three main causes for that. First of all, do you have stopped using the medicine the doctor gives to you? If you do, you will probably get the cataract. Secondly, do you still in the treatment for mydriasis? If you do, the phenomenon of decreasing vision is normal. Last of all, although it is normal for the eyes to get the worse vision after the glaucoma surgery, you'd better go to see the doctor and have a full check on the eyes.
  • Faith cook


    Generally speaking, it is a usual problem when you have the blurred vision after the glaucoma surgery. As far as I can remember that my grandpa had the glaucoma surgery, some days later, the blurred vision happened to him, then we take him to hospital, the doctor just used a laser to open the bleb slightly, then my grandpa told us he can see very clearly. Pls relax yourself, because it just took about 10 seconds and was completely painless. Yeah, I know maybe the problem of my grandpa's is different with yours, and now the first step, also the most important step, is to go to doctor's office, because the doctor will check your eyes and find the reasons why you have the blurred eyes, because there are many reason that can cause the blurred eyes, such as the eye infection. Finally, the pros will take the right ways to cure it. Then, you had better not drive, read much and do something making your eyes tired. Good luck.

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