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How to know if cartier sunglasses are real?

i want to buy cartier sunglasses for my mom. I am afraid that i may get fake one. Do you have any good idea to tell if cartier sunglasses are real or fake?
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  • Benson Dubois


    Usually the real cartier sunglasses must have the real brand print on the frame side which could be touched with hands and observed carfully. The print mut be smooth. If it is real, its balancing character must be good which can be tested by putting on the table to see.
  • Adam peters


    Yeah, I really understand you because it will be embarrassed when get the fake Cartier sunglasses as a gift. Now and here I will tell you some easy methods to tell the sunglasses’ authenticity. The first one, also known as the easiest one, is that you can get your answer from the price you spend although it is not fool-proof, it is helpful. We all know most Cartier glasses are priced in the $200 range, and if the Cartier sunglasses cost you much less than this range, then maybe the sunglasses you bought are fake. Besides, you can check whether the sunglasses have serial number, if they do, then you can check their authenticity with the serial number. The last, but also the important one, is that you can get your answer from the screws. Maybe you do not know, but it is a fact that Cartier sunglasses use only metal screws. Screws made of plastic or any other material except metal are a sign of a fake.
  • copelynrose


    Yes, it is true that many people have the risk that they might get fake sunglasses from some shitty businessmen. However, sign and blame don't help to protect them from getting fake sunglasses. When deciding to buy a pair of them, you should carefully and patiently ask for warranty and details of the sunglasses, call the service hotline to see if they are real.

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