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Michelle percy


Do your eyes change color when pregnant?

I just want to know if eyes change color when pregnant? Or what does it mean if i find my eye color a little bit different when i pregnant from common time?
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  • cook


    All right, I think you are very worried about your eye health. But you can set your mind at ease, because during pregnancy, the color of your eyes would not change , but you would have dilation of the pupils, which is quite common and natural, so you should take good care of your health and follow the doctor's instructions and take it easy.
  • aaron


    Well, yes, in some cases, when someone is pregnant, the eye color will change. And that can be very normal, so you do not need to worry about it. But on the other hand, because your corneas thicken and curve, that will change the way they refract visual images. And that is why you can look different in your eyes. By the way, you should know that when you are pregnancy, it is possible to have high blood pressure. And then, your eyes will suffer high eye pressure, leading to eye pain. Also, blurry vision is the common symptom of pregnancy too. Maybe you may experience include eye irritation, eye discomfort, and vision changes. So just be careful about it.

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