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Does smoking weed change my eye color?

My mom told me that too much smooth can change the eye color. Is that true?
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  • b2sweet16


    Although we say that the eye color is fixed according to the genetic endowment, it will change based on the diseases. If you lack the Cu element in the body, you may show the green color in the eyes. If you get other problems in eyes, they may show different colors. If you smoke weed a lot, your body will get weak immune system which will affect your health. And the eyes may change the color which shows the disease that you may get.
  • chosen_cookie


    Well, it is true that sometimes the color of the white in your eyes would be affected by smoking cigarettes or weed or stuff like that. Because the smog would definitely influence our eyes, making your eyes appear red and cause a series of problems. So, here my advice for you is to reduce smoking and find some alternatives to kill your boredom.
  • Christina


    Well, may be it's hard to believe that smoke excessive weed can cause eye color changing. But it is really true that smoking weed devotes to eye color changing, even lung changing. Smoking weed can reduce acne or something and actually change the color of your eyes over time, exactly makes them lighter.