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What to do when gets eye makeup remover in my eye ?

My eyes feel uncomfortable because some eye makeup remover get into my eyes. Is there any way to help me release this discomfort?
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  • Bruce Robot


    As a matter of fact, eye makeup is made up of chemical substances which is harmful to your eyes, because they are highly irritative to your eyes. It was so careless of you to let it happen. There is risk of getting pink eyes or other infections. My suggestion is to remove the makeup with plenty of salty water and get some eye drops to deal with the problem. Rememer, you must not rub your eyes.
  • cmg6891


    It is very bad situation to get eye makeup remover into eyes. Eyes are very fragile that you need to be very careful with anything get close to eyes. It is very uncomfortable feeling to get anything into eyes. You will feel much pain in eyes. A lot of tears run out to wash your eyes automatically. You can barely open your eye. The vision is blurred. You will feel your eyes burn. Please get someone to help you. Immediately pull your lid and use running water to wash the moisturizer out. Keep washing your eye for at least 5 minutes, until the burn is gone. But if you feel vision blurred, eyes burn, you should go to see the doctor to make sure is there serious problem caused to your eyes.
  • Tyler charles


    You need to flush your eyes with lots of water, because the makeup remover contains some chemical compositions. With water, the chemical compositions can be diluted. However, you had better not to use any kind of eyedrop without advice of doctor. After that, if you still feel not so good, you must go to hospital for help.
  • thomas buckley


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