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Zoe murphy


Does iron get rid of dark circles?

Does take some food with iron help reduce dark circles? Is this possible?
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  • Rickey Stumphf


    Yes, it's quite possible to reduce dark circles under eyes by eating food rich in iron. Usually, dark circles under eyes not only associated with too much stress, depression or unhealthy lifestyle habits but also has something to do with iron deficiency, poor nutrition, allergies, and aging, etc. One of the most common signs of the iron deficiency is the dark under eye rings. Besides, iron deficiency can also lead to many other problems such as tiredness, pale skin, dizziness, and even shortness of breath. Now that knowing the dark circle causes reason, to increase your intake of iron-rich foods may be helpful and effective to get rid of dark circles under eyes. So you should eat more food rich in iron, for example, vegetables and fruits such as spinach, broccoli, prunes, lentils, seeds, oatmeal, and brown rice; berries, citrus fruits, kiwi, peach, etc. They are both rich in iron and vitamins C, and vitamin C is quite necessary for the absorption of iron. Besides, some meat such as beef also contain rich irons, and it is also easy for absorption. Except eating, hot compress is also helpful for dark circles, you can have a try.
  • eddy


    It depends on what causes the dark circles under your eyes. There are many things that can lead to dark circles. Among them, lacking of sleep is the most common reason for a dark circle. Besides, smoking, poor sleep, eating foods high in sodium, aging, sun exposure, allergies and skin disorders can also lead to dark circles. Also, lacking of iron in your diet can also lead to dark circles. If the dark circles under your eyes are cause by lacking of iron, then, get enough iron in your diet can help you reduce dark circles.
  • Cameron


    Yes, taking some food with iron will help you reduce dark circles under eyes. As we know, people with bad blood circulation will mostly get dark circles around eyes. However if they eat the food with iron, they may possibly get rid of the dark circles around the eyes. You could also have good rest which is also important for the treatment of dark circles around eyes.
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