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Does almond oil help eyelashes grow?

I heard that almond oil can help eyelashes grow. Really? Does it work? If so. Can you explain me why almond oil can help eyelashes grow
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  • emptyheading


    Almond oil can help eyelashes grow because it contains vitamin E which is the vital factor. Most of my friends and I used olive oil and vitamin E to help eyelashes grow, they are really helpful. Mix the olive oil and vitamin E oil together, then paste the mixture liquid on the eyelashes at least twice a day. You'd better do that in the morning and night. However, there is a kind of professional extension liquid can be more convenient because you needn't mix the liquid on your own. Most of the cosmetic stores sell the liquid, you can ask the shop assistant for help.
  • Brook Park


    It is quite true that almond oil has the magic power to help eyelashes grow. Because almond oil contains rich source of vitamins such as vitamin E and D, calcium and so on. When you apply a moderate amount of almond oil on your eyelashes, the rich nutrients it contains will nourish the roots of eyelashes, moisturize the the skin, accelerate the blood circulations meanwhile keep your eyes healthy and refreshing. Besides, almond oil can also make the skin around your eyes tender, smooth, soft and elastic.
  • Elijah leslie


    Yes, it really works to help eyelashes grow longer. And almond oil has been one of the most loved plant oils for beauty since it has many nourishing benefits for the skin and hair. Especially, almond oil, which is rich in Vitamin E, can condition the lashes and prevent breakage, so it can make your eyelashes be healthier and longer.
  • olivia rose


    Using almonds helps to promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Although, almond oil is said to provide your eyelashes a %u201Cnew life%u201D, it is essential to follow certain rules before using it. Usually almond oil is considered a safe and effective natural remedy.